The Company

Verivis LLC is a Veteran/Minority-owned Small Business founded in 2013 to support USG security, technical, and logistics operations. The company is comprised of an exceptional multidisciplinary team, drawn from former high-level, direct-action military operators and top-tier technical universities. Verivis has successfully performed AFRICOM and CENTCOM field missions in support of USG/DOD programs and logistical requirements and has personnel with over thirty years of combined experience in Africa and the Middle East.

Verivis also has close ties to cutting-edge research and technical companies and institutions, providing access to excellent engineers and analysts who also have experience working with the government and speak and read multiple languages.

The Team

Our team is made up of a closely-knit, highly-skilled operational and technical core. This team can be quickly expanded to meet any requirement by drawing from an international pool of personally-vetted top-tier operators, scientists, engineers, analysts, advisors, and subject matter experts.

The Name

The name "Verivis" (pronounced /veː.rɪ:.vɪs/) is an amalgamation of the Latin words "veritas" (truth) and "visus" (seeking), which represents the main principles of the Verivis team.